Welcome Tanija

Thank you for your reflection on "home." You are about to embark on something experienced by very few. Your authentic expression has granted you admission to Unseen Horizons by successfully unlocking a door within The Archive.

The Bibliothecarians are now at work, unraveling a possibility from the multiverse, unique to the frequencies of your life's choices.

We anticipate the echo from The Archive to take approximately one to two weeks. It will be uploaded to your private portal: thearchiveunseen.univer.se Consider the entirety of the portal to be your Beginner’s Guide to The Archive.

Before we can proceed further, carefully review three important documents: 'Principia,' our ‘Edicts,’ and the 'Compendium.' These charters form the basis for a core understanding necessary for your journey with us.

I. The ‘Principia’ offers a fundamental breakdown of the functions of The Archive.

II. The ‘Edicts’: Your participation in activities with The Archive is taken as an acknowledgment and agreement to abide by the rules set forth. It is imperative for the safety, integrity, and sanctity of our assembly these guidelines are adhered to.

III. The 'Compendium' serves as a collection of definitions and knowledge, guiding Seekers, like yourself, through The Archive.

These documents are abbreviated excerpts from the writings of the original assembly. The title of these texts is unknown, and so they are commonly referred to as “the texts.”

In time you shall immerse yourself more deeply with the writings. As your custodians, it is our duty to unveil more of “the texts” as you become ready.

With gratitude and anticipation,