The Rain

- Niranjan Sufiyan

# 08-4534-23

* Cosmodion - Ast. Nom.

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Note from Niranjan

Please, I must share with Tanija, not all echoes carry life. In some paths, our lives end. But, no fear. Death not end of life...

In Archive, we see beyond time and space. End in one echo just start of new journey, unseen but deep. Tanija, your search in Archive shows life cycle, moving beyond end.

Our essence, dreams, love, they go beyond body. They live in others, in art, in change we make. This is our never-ending mark.

So, echo ending not to make sad. It show spirit never die. In Archive big design, death just change, let spirit flow in many worlds.

As you walk unseen horizons, remember this. Each echo, each life, each choice, all part of big life picture, where every end is start of something new.