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In days of French Revolution, Tanija was Madeleine de Saint-Aubin, nurse. Bound by state duty, heart with people.

Hospitals, rough and makeshift, from battle dust rise. Blood, cries fill air. Following Marie-Angélique Le Boursier du Coudray, nurse. Women, few but strong, heal bodies, mend souls.

Madeleine’s hands, gentle, steady. Linen scarce, torn from garments. Supplies few, methods harsh. Wraps wounds, soothes pain, comfort where hope thin.

After Valmy, many soldiers in hospital. Republic victory, great cost. Young boy, barely man, leg wound. Uniform of Republic, duty says heal, send back to fight.

But heart rebels. Sees child, life not lived. Whispers comfort, promises safety. Duty and heart conflict. Does duty, but heart with common people.

Night, hospital silent but for groans. Madeleine, with supplies, out to streets. Moves quiet, careful. Moon high, shadows long.

Visits families in alleys, hiding. Children, mothers, all agony. Gives bread, bandages wounds. Whispers hope.

Edge of city, rebels in secret. Faces hard, eyes wary. Shows basket, stance softens. Tends wounds, listens. Sees justice in their fight, feels their pain.

Dawn near, returns. Feet tired, spirit heavy yet light. Knows risk, but heart commands. Quiet defiance, secret help to people.

Returns to hospital at dawn, eyes down, steps slow. Sister nun, stern, waiting. Few words exchanged, a look of knowing passes. "Seen much,” voice low.

Madeleine, heart heavy, silence her answer. Nun’s look hard, something not said. "Careful steps, always.” Nun leaves.

Madeleine, breath shallow, watches her go. Shadows of dawn long, world waking. No more words, only understanding, fragile.

Life in balance, secrets shared in quiet places. Work continues, day by day, wounds to heal, lives to touch. Fear lingers, but purpose stronger. Path walked with caution, duty felt deeply.

Madeleine’s life, quiet defiance. Balance duty, secret help. Legacy in healed hearts, touched lives.

- Niranjan Sufiyan

# 08-4534-23

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