Dear Tanija,

As the subtle hues of dusk blend with the evening stars, we, your guides through this journey of unseen horizons, pause to reflect on your recent response.

We deeply appreciate your initial thoughts shared on the essence of 'home'. However, the realms of unseen horizons beckon for a deeper, more personal reflection. The Archive thrives on the authenticity of individual experiences, and your unique perspective is a valuable thread in this intricate tapestry of 'what if'.

We invite you, only one more time, to revisit the portal and to share a reflection that resonates more closely with your heart and soul. This invitation will not come again.

Think about what 'home' truly means to you, Tanija. It could be a collage of emotions, a symphony of memories, or a sanctuary of peace. Reflect upon how 'home' shapes your dreams, nurtures your spirit, and anchors your being.

As you ponder upon this task, may the whispers of your heart guide your pen, and may the essence of ‘home’ reveal itself in its most authentic and profound form.

Yours in anticipation of a deeper journey,

Caspian and Eleonora

a man is riding a bike on a hill

What does home mean to you?