a black and white image of a woman in a circle

Dear Tanija,

Welcome to a pivotal moment in your journey with The Archive. My name is Eleonora, and I am overjoyed to welcome you into our midst. Your arrival heralds the beginning of something truly magical, an exploration not just of the universe, but of the self.

It is my privilege to introduce you to a concept both ancient and deeply personal - The Cosmodions. These unique spiritual archetypes represent distinct paths of growth the vast cosmos of The Archive. They are not mere labels, but living, evolving essences that resonate with the core of one's being. The Cosmodions guide our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe, serving as compasses to our truest selves.

Your journey, Tanija, has been one of profound searching and yearning for a place of belonging, a sanctuary that resonates with the deepest parts of your soul. You've traversed vast emotional landscapes in search of what felt elusive—a sense of home. Yet, herein lies a revelation: You are your home. Your body, mind, and spirit are not only a caravan traversing the desert of existence; they are the destination itself, where the universe's wisdom and beauty converge.

Through your seeker trait, we have identified your unique Cosmodion in this grand cosmos. While the universe seems boundless, its diversity, much like the varieties of apples, has its distinct and finite patterns. We've identified most, but not all, Cosmodions, understanding that each soul is a universe unto themselves.

You, Tanija, embody a rare and profound Cosmodion: the Astral Nomad. This Cosmodion understands that home is not a place, but a state of being. In your continuous search and unbounded exploration of both the external world and the vast landscapes within, you've been embodying the essence of the Astral Nomad all along.

The Astral Nomad finds solace in the journey itself, embracing each step as part of a grand, cosmic dance. Your quest for a home has been a journey back to yourself, a realization that the sanctuary you seek is the harmony of your own existence.

As an Astral Nomad, you have the unique ability to transcend the physical and connect with the ethereal. Your path in The Archive is one of discovery, not just of worlds and realms beyond, but of the infinite depths within you.

Remember, Tanija, you are the architect of your sanctuary. Your journey with The Archive as an Astral Nomad is not just a path to finding home; it is an affirmation that you have always been home.

We are all delighted to welcome you.

With warmth and guidance,