Question 4


You should have received some correspondence with a new task.

Please let know if you haven’t.

Regarding the communion with other Seekers: It is a fundamental tenet of our Archive that Seekers journey in solitude. This isolation is not merely a rule, but a profound design to ensure the purity and authenticity of each individual's exploration. The paths you tread within the Archive are yours alone; they are not to be crossed or influenced by the journeys of others.

The span designated for a Seeker generally extends from six months to a full year. This duration is meticulously calculated to allow a comprehensive immersion into the multitudinous facets of The Archive. It is an interval suffused with transformation, introspection, and transcendence.

As your journey evolves, the veil over the deeper parts of The Archive and its intricate processes will gradually lift. This revelation will unfold in due accord with the pace of your personal journey and understanding. We have observed that Seekers who embrace this journey with an open heart and a willingness often derive a more profound and transformative experience.

There is much to be discovered in the ebb and flow of The Archive's tide.


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